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Name:Lightning Farron
Birthdate:Nov 18
Character: Lightning Farron
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Version: On Pulse as she’s talking to Snow with Serah’s tear in Chapter 11
Age: 21
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight? She’s more worried about being a l’Cie and saving Cocoon right now
Her magic and special abilities can be used through special focuses called Paradigms. They’re activated by subconscious inward shifts that prepare her for a new set of abilities. Certain abilities and magic can only be used when one specific paradigm is active and only one paradigm can be active at a time. They work kind of like Yuna’s dresspheres, only less flashy and without the clothing changes. Each paradigm lends for different abilities and even though six of them exist, Lightning can only use three: Commando (her primary, specializing in physical attacks), Ravager (specializing in magical attacks), and Medic (specializing in magical healing).
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